14-3. Special Notice for Victims of Violence

In the event of a school-related assault on or battery of a teacher or PSRP, the Law Department of the BOARD, when notified, shall inform the teacher or PSRP of the teacher’s or PSRP’s legal rights, and the teacher or PSRP shall be assisted by the Law Department in court appearances.

Principals shall immediately report all school-related assaults by telephone, followed by a written or online assault or battery report, to the Department of Safety and Security and to their respective Area Instruction Officer. The member shall receive a copy of the assault or battery report at this time. The Department of Safety and Security shall immediately notify the Law Department of the BOARD.

Whenever a teacher or PSRP listed under Article 1-1 is involved in a school-related assault or battery case resulting in a court appearance by the teacher or PSRP, said teacher or PSRP shall inform the principal through a written notice stating the date, time and place of the scheduled court appearance. The principal shall forward the written notice from the employee to the network or other designated regional or area office and the Law Department.