14-4. Special Leave Benefits for Victims of Violence

14-4.1. Compensation and Medical Benefits

Subject to the credit below, bargaining unit employees whose absences result from a school-related assault or battery shall be paid full salary and medical expenses by the BOARD for the time of their total temporary incapacity, and no deductions shall be made from accumulated sick days.

14-4.2. Coordination with Workers’ Compensation Benefits

There shall be coordination of salary payable hereunder with any sums payable under the Workers’ Compensation Act for temporary total incapacity for work in that, in calculating the amount due to an employee under this Section, the BOARD shall be entitled to and shall take credit for any sum payable under the Workers’ Compensation Act for temporary total disability. The credit hereunder is to be limited to temporary total disability only.

14-4.3. Reporting of Cases of Assault or Battery

Bargaining unit employees shall immediately or as soon as they are able report to the school principal all cases of assault or battery in which they are involved while acting in the course of their employment.

14-4.4. Responsibility to Supply Information and Cooperate in Legal Action

Each bargaining unit employee shall be responsible for supplying any available information concerning a school-related assault or battery and shall cooperate in any subsequent legal action concerning said incident.