21-15. Training and Resource Materials

The BOARD shall ensure that special education teachers have access to training and resource materials regarding the preparation of Individualized Education Programs. Such materials may be available online. At the beginning of each school year, the BOARD shall advise all special education teachers of the training and resource materials available and shall ensure such teachers are informed of how to access such materials. Principals shall inform special education teachers at the start of the school year the amount of funds that have been allocated in the school budget for special education resources and materials and shall work with the special education teachers to identify which resources and materials will be purchased to best serve the needs of the students. Principals shall be encouraged to use Guidance, developed by the Joint Special Education Committee, on the allocation and the use of these funds the allocation and the use of these funds to meet the needs of the students’ IEPs, including but not limited to modified curriculum, assistive technology, and classroom based evaluation tools.