21-16. Release Time to Complete Individualized Education Programs

Recognizing that some Individual Education Plans require more time to develop and implement, Principals shall, to the extent possible, disperse IEP writing workload equitably among special education teachers. All schools shall provide collaboration time at the beginning of the school year for special education teachers, general education teachers, clinicians, and support staff as needed.

Special education teachers’ job requirements shall prioritize the development and implementation of the Individual Education Plan. Where possible, Principals shall use either substitutes or release time (from principal directed preps, lesson plans and/or other paperwork and workload requirements) as determined through the PPC to provide adequate time for special education teachers to complete these duties during the work day. The Joint Committee will discuss workload issues and relief. If workload issues cannot be solved by the principal and/or the PPC, then the issue may be brought to the Joint Committee.

The district agrees to not increase workload for bargaining unit members due to the Student Specific Corrective Action.