27-2. Cadre

27-2.1. Establishment of Cadre and Assignments of Cadre Substitutes

Effective July 1 of each year, the BOARD shall establish a Cadre to which it will select and assign Cadre substitutes for each school year to cover the classes of absent teachers in the early childhood centers, elementary schools, middle schools, upper grade centers and high schools.

27-2.2. Employment Criteria

The Talent Office shall establish criteria to be used in the selection and retention of Provisional Cadre substitutes. The Cadre and Provisional Cadre substitutes selected by the BOARD shall be employed on all student attendance days during the time they are assigned to the Cadre other than on the final day of the school year. Said Cadre and Provisional Cadre substitutes shall be continuously available to perform substitute service at least three days per week, on average. Further, they shall accept all assignments in any and every school.

27-2.3. Eligibility to Become TATs

Cadre substitutes are eligible to become TATs. Whenever a Cadre substitute becomes a TAT, a replacement for the Cadre substitute shall be employed immediately. If a Cadre substitute who becomes a TAT is subsequently released as a TAT for reasons other than unsatisfactory service, said TAT shall be reassigned to the Cadre in accordance with Article 38-2.

27-2.4. Recruitment of Cadres and Provisional Cadre Substitutes

The Board shall recruit and maintain a pool of Cadre and Provisional Cadre Substitutes which, in combination with the Day-to-day Substitute Pool, is sufficient to cover the classes of absent teachers. These efforts shall include recruiting candidates for Cadre or Provisional Cadre Substitutes from: (1) the Teacher Quality Pool; (2) displaced, laid off, honorably terminated and non-renewed tenured and probationary teachers; (3) existing day-to-day substitutes; (4) student teachers; and (5) qualified external applicants.

27-2.5. Compensation and Benefits

Cadre substitutes shall be paid the daily rate set forth in Appendix A-1J. The provisions of Article 44-2 shall not apply to required in-service training for Cadre substitutes up to a limit of three such sessions of up to two hours per session. Except as provided in Appendix B, the BOARD agrees to pay the cost of individual health insurance for each Cadre substitute. A full-time Cadre substitute shall have the option of purchasing at the Cadre substitute’s own expense family plan hospitalization and major medical insurance coverage at the group rate during the period said Cadre substitute is assigned to the Cadre. A Cadre substitute shall receive holiday pay provided he or she is present and serves as a teacher on the school day immediately before and after the holiday. Any and all benefits associated with duty in the Cadre are limited to those enumerated in this Article.

27-2.6. Notice to Potential Cadre and Provisional Cadre Substitutes

If the BOARD does not have a sufficient number of Cadres and Provisional Cadres under Article 27-2.4, the BOARD will notify individuals of an opportunity to join the Cadre and Provisional Cadre as follows:

(1) Individuals in the Teacher Quality Pool at least once prior to the start of each school year and once after 20th day staff reductions;

(2) Day-to-Day Substitutes at least once prior to the start of each school year and again if they are still not employed after the 20th day staff reductions;

(3) Individuals in the Cadre at or near the conclusion of their Cadre service;

(4) Non-renewed PATs immediately upon or immediately after their non-renewal;

(5) Displaced or honorably terminated teachers upon displacement or honorable termination.