36-14. Budgetary Adjustments

The Board will continue the practice and formula in effect for the school 2014-15 school year (or its equivalent) during the term of this agreement with respect to budgetary adjustments for schools that have higher than the average teacher salaries so as not to disadvantage those schools due to higher teacher salaries.

High-cost teacher offset. The BOARD shall augment school budgets at those schools with higher-than-average teacher salaries according to the following method: On March 1st, the BOARD shall calculate the district-wide average cost of all staffed teacher positions that are funded with SBB or its equivalent under another method and then calculate the average cost of staffed SBB (or equivalent) teachers for each school. If this average cost at any school exceeds the district-wide average, the school will receive a teacher salary adjustment. The amount of the adjustment is calculated by multiplying the difference between the school’s average teacher cost and the District’s average teacher cost, multiplied by the number of staffed SBB teachers at the school.