43-4. Vacation Pay for Displaced PSRPs

Effective September 15, 1983, PSRPs displaced from full-time service by the BOARD, other than for unsatisfactory service, shall be eligible for vacation pay for service rendered as a PSRP up to a maximum number of days allowed under the formula stated in Article 43-1, provided that such otherwise eligible PSRP has been paid as a BOARD employee during the payroll period immediately preceding the vacation period.

Eligible day-to-day substitutes, Cadre substitutes or eligible PSRPs shall make written application for vacation pay to the Office of Employee Engagement within ninety days after said vacation period. Said application shall be reviewed in accordance with established policy and the provisions of Article 43. Vacation pay shall be paid to eligible applicants at the rate of pay the teacher or PSRP was receiving on the last day of full-time service. In no case shall any such claim for vacation pay be considered if filed more than ninety days after the end of the vacation period.