44-25. Respectful Working Environment

The following behaviors are inconsistent with a respectful working environment and are impermissible: (a) verbal abuse, which includes, but is not limited to, obscene, threatening, humiliating or intimidating language; and (b) non-verbal abuse, which includes acts that are threatening, humiliating or intimidating. Individual, group or school-wide meetings shall not be utilized to threaten, humiliate or intimidate bargaining unit employees. Employees shall suffer no retaliation for reporting, grieving or protesting workplace bullying. The BOARD shall designate its Equal Employment Compliance Office to investigate allegations that employees, vendors or staff are creating undignified or disrespectful working environments or conditions. Such remedies and corrective actions may include, but are not limited to, reversing adverse actions, directing the training of an employee regarding proper professional conduct toward all employees and vendors, discipline and debarment to the extent permitted by law and/or other corrective actions.