44-30. Lesson Planning

The development of instructional plans, including both unit and lesson plans, is a professional responsibility vital to effective teaching. Principals and/or network administrators shall not require that teachers submit separate unit and lesson plans. Special Education teachers who are working in a co-teaching setting or not providing direct instruction shall supplement the general education teacher’s unit or lesson plan, and shall not be required to submit a separate unit or lesson plan. The organization, format, notation and other physical aspects of and the instructional strategies to be used for the lesson plan are within the teacher’s discretion. Principals or supervisors may require that teachers include certain categories for in instructional plans (i.e., content standards, student learning outcomes, methods of assessment, learning tasks and materials, grade‐appropriate levels of texts, differentiated instructional strategies that meet the needs of the individual students in the class) but may not require a particular format or organization, except when required by accrediting agencies of particular programs that schools are implementing (e.g., International Baccalaureate). Common instructional plans for courses or subjects may be developed and used by grade bands or subject departments. Teachers shall have reasonable time to submit lesson plans or supplements.