44-32. Assessments

44-32.1. Required Assessments

No later than June 30th of each year (or as soon as practicable after ISBE has published the state assessment calendar), the Board shall publish an assessment calendar for the subsequent school year, which shall consist of assessments mandated by the district for REACH, required to meet the mandates of state or federal laws and regulations, and mandated by a program (i.e., IB or any program that requires a test for student credit or program accreditation).

44-32.2. Additional Assessments

Schools shall determine assessments to be administered in conjunction with the development of the School Improvement Plan for Advancing Academic Achievement (SIPAA) which is currently known as the Continuous Improvement Work Plan (CIWP). Each year in the spring, Teachers and the Principal will collaborate to develop a recommended plan for additional assessments, if any, per grade band or content area/department. Prior to voting, the CEO or designee, may review and revise the proposed assessment plan, which shall be presented to and discussed with the school faculty. Teachers and the principal will then vote on the adoption of the plan, which shall be adopted by majority vote. If the plan is not adopted, and the faculty and/or the CEO or designee cannot agree on an alternative plan, the Union or the CEO or designee may submit the matter for resolution at strategic bargaining. The assessment decision will be included in the school’s PD plan and reviewed by the district.

44-32.3. Submission of Concerns

The District shall provide a way that staff can submit any issues and/or concerns (e.g. dedicated assessment email box) to Central Office in a confidential manner. CPS and CTU will meet quarterly to review their concerns and/or issues that are submitted.