9-10. Layoff and Recall

The BOARD’s ESP Layoff and Recall Policy will be applied to include criteria for determining bargaining unit employees to be laid off. Except when bargaining unit employees are laid off due to school actions, employees shall be laid off by school unit in the following manner:

The school principal or unit head shall determine the number of positions and which classification(s) within the unit shall be affected. Employees within those classifications will be laid off in the following order:

  1. Employees who do not possess the highly qualified status or who do not hold necessary certifications or other qualifications;
  2. Employees rated unsatisfactory (i.e., below 1.9 points on current system) in their most recent performance rating.
  3. Employees rated developing (i.e., 2.0-2.6 points on the current evaluation system) in their most recent performance rating.
  4. All other employees by seniority.

For purposes of this policy only, “seniority” with regard to layoff and reappointment shall mean the length of full-time accumulated service in any career service/ESP position, with such seniority accruing from the date of initial appointment to a career service/ESP position with the Board. This definition of “seniority” shall apply only to those ESP employees who are represented by a bargaining unit at the time of their layoff.