9-16. Teacher Assistants

9-16.1. Recess Duty

In schools where there are two or more teacher assistants and where outside recess is scheduled, and where the principal determines that all teacher assistants are not needed for recess duty, the recess duties of the teacher assistants shall be rotated.

9-16.2. Crossing Activities

The BOARD, principals and head administrators shall not assign PSRPs to work outside the school traffic zone designated by traffic control barricades or to perform traffic control activities, including setting up barricades. The BOARD, principals and head administrators are not prohibited from requiring PSRPs to escort children across streets adjacent to the school and may require them to carry stop signs. They may also station PSRPs at the street corners within the school zone traffic barricades defining the school zone; however, PSRPs shall not be assigned outside the parameters of the school.

9-16.3. Reclassification of Teacher Assistants

The BOARD shall not reclassify a teacher assistant to a special educational classroom assistant who does not perform diapering and feeding.