Appendix ASalary Schedules and Other Compensation

A-1.General Salary Information for PSRPs and Teachers
A-1A.Teacher Salaries: 208-Day Schedule
A-1B.Teacher Salaries: 228-Day Schedule
A-1C.Teacher Salaries: 248-Day Schedule
A-1D.Teacher Salaries: 52-Week Schedule
A-1E.PSRP Job Titles and Grade Levels
A-1F.PSRP Salaries: 208-day Schedule
A-1G.PSRP Salaries: 248-day Schedule
A-1H.PSRP Salaries: 52-week Schedule
A-1I.Incentives for High-Needs and Retiree Special Education Substitutes
A-1J.Cadre Substitutes
A-1K.Day-to-Day Substitutes
A-1M.M.A.T. (Masters of Arts in Teaching) Program
A-1N.Trade and Vocational School Teachers (Including Cooperative Work Programs and Teachers in Voca- tional Home Economics Programs)
A-1O.Vocational Teacher Service Providers (Part-Time Employees)
A-1P.Longevity Pay Agreement
A-2.Increments and Stipends
A-2A.National Board Certified Teachers and Clinicians
A-2B.Head Teachers and Acting Head Teachers (Branch Schools)
A-2D.Case Managers (Special Education)
A-2E.Stadium Directors
A-2F.STLS Liaison
A-3.Additional Rates of Pay
A-3A.High School Teachers—Additional Teaching Period (Overtime Indicator)
A-3B.Teachers of Driver Education
A-3C.Summer School Personnel (Personnel Employed for the Regular School Term of 38.6 Weeks)
A-3D.Compensation for Teachers Engaged in Extracurricular Activities
A-3E.Non-Employee Hired for Coaching and Extracurricular Activities
A-3F.Social Center Personnel (Part-Time Employees)
A-3G.Summer Swimming Pools
A-3H.After-School Rates of Pay (Teachers and PSRPs)